Torri Washington

Technical Support Engineer

With over 20 years in the world of technology, Torri has become a trusted figure at Bluefin Technology Group, solving tech puzzles and making sure things run smoothly for everyone. With a bachelors degree in Information Technology, Torri's toolbox includes expertise in popular systems like Microsoft and vital tools like QuickBooks, ensuring businesses can function at their best.

One of Torri's proudest moments was finding a solution for a medical office that had been struggling for over a year. The office needed to connect two key tools, and Torri bridged the gap, much to the relief of the medical staff.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by tech jargon, you'd appreciate Torri's ability to simplify things. Clients often say he makes complex topics feel easy, and they're amazed by his endless patience. He believes in working together, often sharing a joke to lighten the mood, and ensuring that both his team and clients always feel supported.

Torri is always curious about the next big thing in technology and has aspirations to take on larger leadership roles in the future. Away from the tech world, he's a proud Jacksonville native and a big fan of the Jaguars. He lives by the mantra: "Worrying about something, resolves nothing," meeting challenges head-on, always with a smile.

At Bluefin Technology Group, Torri isn’t just about fixing problems; he's about understanding people. He’s always ready to lend a hand, listen to concerns, and maybe share a chuckle along the way.