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Chart a secure course with our expert cybersecurity services.

Sail Safe with Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Embark on your cybersecurity journey with our suite of tailored solutions designed for Jacksonville’s small and medium businesses. From the agile Bigeye to the formidable Atlantic, each package—inspired by the strength and adaptability of Bluefin Tuna species—offers escalating levels of protection. Begin with essential defenses and advance through to comprehensive command over your cybersecurity, ensuring your small business is equipped to sail the digital seas with confidence. Whether you’re exploring the basics or charting into deeper cyber waters, our offerings adapt to your needs, guiding you to a secure and prosperous digital horizon.

Bigeye Southern Pacific Atlantic
Monthly Price Starting at
$ 495
Starting at
$ 995
Starting at
$ 1,495
Starting at
$ 1,995
Essential Security Controls
Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets
Implement tools and processes to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all hardware devices.
Inventory and Control of Software Assets
Deploy software inventory tools to ensure only authorized software is installed, and maintain a list of authorized software.
Continuous Vulnerability Management
Provide regular vulnerability scanning and patch management services to keep software up-to-date with the latest security patches.
Administrative Privilege Management
Establish and manage user accounts, ensuring the principle of least privilege is followed, and administrative credentials are securely managed.
Enhanced Security Configuration and Change Management:
Maintain up-to-date configurations across devices and ensure changes are monitored and reviewed.
Comprehensive Audit Log Management
Detailed monitoring and analysis of audit logs
Foundational Security Controls
Advanced Identity and Access Management
Including multi-factor authentication, user behavior analytics, and identity governance.
Email and Web Security Services
Deployment of email security gateways, DNS filtering, and browser security settings.
Advanced Endpoint Protection
Implementation and management of endpoint protection platforms with real-time scanning and threat intelligence.
Network Services Management
Regular audits and configuration management to limit network attack surfaces.
Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
Direct to cloud backup solutions with encryption and regular recovery tests.
Network Device Management
Configuration management, patching, and monitoring of network infrastructure devices.
Organizational Security Controls
Advanced Backup and Recovery Solutions
Cloud and on-premises backup solutions with encryption and regular recovery tests.
Perimeter Security Management
Management of firewalls, IDS/IPS, and threat intelligence integration.
Data Protection Services
Encryption and DLP strategies to protect sensitive data.
Controlled Access Based on the Need to Know
Implementation of least privilege and need-to-know policies.
Wireless Access Control
Strengthening wireless networks and monitoring for security breaches.
Advanced Security Controls
Account Monitoring and Control
Manage the life cycle of system and application accounts, from creation to deletion. Monitor the use of credential and authentication systems to identify unauthorized access. Implement controls to identify and prevent the misuse of credentials
Application Software Security
Continuously assess the security of applications and remediate vulnerabilities. Apply application whitelisting to prevent unauthorized software from executing.
Business Process and Technology Change Reviews
Security evaluations for new business initiatives or technology deployments, and continuous monitoring for changes affecting security.

Anchoring Trust: See The Praise From Our Secured Circle

Plunge into the stories of our clients, who have embarked confidently with our cybersecurity expertise as their anchor. As they charted their course through the intricate tides of the digital realm, our robust security solutions served as their unwavering sentinel. Listen to our partners recount how our steadfast defenses have navigated them to safe harbors.


Embark on a Customized Cybersecurity Journey

Plunge into the world of cybersecurity with ease and assurance. Our services, echoing the fortitude and versatility of the ocean's Bluefin Tuna, are crafted to cater to the distinct requirements of small and medium businesses in Jacksonville. As you expands, so does our protective embrace, aligning with vital CIS Controls to furnish you with steadfast security at each stage of your business's evolution. Navigate your digital journey with us, where safeguarding your data feels as natural and uncomplicated as sailing with the wind.


Your Entry-Level Shield

Step into the world of cybersecurity with the Bigeye plan, the perfect starting point for small businesses looking to get serious about digital safety. Covering the fundamental areas of protection, this plan is like having a vigilant lookout on your ship, ensuring that the essential components of your business's technology are monitored and safeguarded against common threats. With us handling the complexities of tech security, you can focus on navigating your business to success.
IT Management


A Stronger Defense

As your business grows, so does the need for stronger defenses. Our Southern plan builds on the Bigeye package by adding layers of protection that act as reinforced barriers against the increasingly clever tactics of cyber threats. This is like upgrading from a simple map to a sophisticated GPS system for your digital journey—it's about getting you the right tools to keep you safe as you expand your horizons.
Technical Support


Advanced Vigilance

For businesses sailing into wider, more challenging digital waters, our Pacific protection offers an advanced level of security. Think of it as equipping your vessel with the latest navigation and weather systems to anticipate and prepare for any potential storms. This plan offers a more robust safety net, focusing on safeguarding the sensitive information that's critical to your business operations and reputation.

Cyber Security


The Ultimate Safeguard

The Atlantic is our most comprehensive package, designed for businesses that demand the highest level of security. This is akin to having a convoy escort you across the most treacherous waters, offering not just protection but also empowering you with the knowledge and tools to be proactive against cyber threats. With this premium package, your business benefits from advanced strategies that fortify your digital presence, giving you the freedom to pursue new opportunities with confidence.

Data Backup

No matter which package you choose, our goal is to make your cybersecurity journey as smooth as possible. We're here to handle the technicalities, allowing you to sail forward with peace of mind, knowing your business is well-protected. Let us be your guide to a secure digital horizon.

Secure Your Digital Seas

Book Your Complimentary Cybersecurity Strategy Session

In the deep waters of the digital world, hidden cybersecurity threats can make navigation perilous. Secure your path with our complimentary 'Cybersecurity Strategy Session'. We'll scan the depths of your network for vulnerabilities, expose hidden threats, and chart a course for robust security measures. Set your business on a path to calmer and more secure waters with our expert guidance.

Don't let hidden cyber threats capsize your journey. Set sail with assurance and chart a protected course today!

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