Camryn Wilson

Director of Client Success

Bringing an unconventional twist to the tech world, Camryn transitioned from a licensed hairstylist to a pivotal role in IT client success. Now nearly a year with Bluefin, her day-to-day encompasses client communication, ticket and task management, and ensuring both tech teams and clients thrive harmoniously. At her core, Camryn is guided by an empathetic perspective: she consistently puts herself in the client's shoes, striving to deliver an experience that makes their work life easier and more productive.

Her achievements are a testament to her adaptability and growth mindset. Since joining, she's empowered herself with leadership skills and has taken the reins of the service coordinator team, ensuring that feedback loops between clients and the team are as efficient and effective as possible.

Outside the office, Camryn revels in nature's beauty, whether basking at the beach or meandering by the river. She's a dedicated "Stranger Things" aficionado and cherishes Sundays with her church community. As an active member of MSP Ignite and Gator Bowl’d Ladies, she stays engaged with industry best practices.

With a vision set on the future, Camryn is primed to take over the family business, ensuring that Bluefin Technology Group not only meets but exceeds client expectations, while also honoring and enhancing the legacy her parents have cultivated.