Our Story

Bluefin Technology Group got its start in early 2008 as a Managed Services Provider in Jacksonville, FL by husband and wife team, Erick and Dawn Wilson. Their goal was never to be the biggest but more so to be the best. Being the best meant that the focus had to be on the client experience over everything else.

Since our start, Bluefin Technology Group has been recognized as a Top Tech Innovator and Influencer by 904 Magazine, Small Business Leader of the Year for Jacksonville IT Council and Marketing Genius of the Month by Robin Robins to name a few. However, our biggest accomplishment is that our clients flat out love us.

All of this has been made possible through a team of people that are uncompromising when it comes to our core values and an atmosphere that is conducive to long term success.

Company Mission

Our success is defined by our ability to deeply integrate our team with your business to the point that we seamlessly operate as an extension of your company, leaving you and your staff feeling like we only work for you. Everything we do is based on a simple set of beliefs that we refuse to compromise on.

  • Take Ownership – We own every opportunity that arises leaving little to no work to be done by you or your team. We follow through on each task ensuring completion from start to finish.
  • Deliver Results – We deliver the results we promise on time for both you as well as our own teammates. We share a passion for always serving one another at our best with no excuses.
  • Act Responsibly – We are aware that our decisions can affect other’s businesses. We always hold our-self accountable and always do what is right with the utmost integrity.
  • Continuously Strive – Even at our best we want to be better. We continuously strive to take our-self to the next level ensuring that we seize every opportunity to be the best.

Why the name Bluefin

It’s no secret that our co-founder, Erick Wilson, shares a passion for technology and saltwater fishing. The challenge became how to combine the two.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that the Bluefin tuna and Bluefin Technology shared several characteristics:

  • Streamlined. Built for speed and endurance.
  • Considered the apex predator, alpha, or top of the food chain
  • Possesses enormous strength for its size
  • Highly sought after due to quality
  • Adapts to their environment easier than others
  • Designed to be highly efficient and creates less drag
  • Ambitiously migratory
  • Tend to out survive most others in their environment
  • Extremely rare